Los Contemporaneos

Lucien Murat “One to Rule Them All” @Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve in Paris.

Is it a coincidence that Paris feels somewhat apocalyptic lately and that Lucien Murat’s tapestries evoke a similar feeling? Good art is like that.

We have been keeping an eye on this artist and his work. A couple of days ago, just before the opening of his solo show, we were invited to visit his studio, his solo exhibition takes place today at Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve. Read the full article.
Having the chance to see his work beforehand did nothing but got us closer his vision, at the gallery, we melted into the tapestries, like being part of the world he envisioned, it really came to life. We had a great time!

We found ourselves inside the war between violence, hope, death, life, chaos and balance. Each tapestry is the sequel of the other. A mythical story, ancient as time but at the same time avant-garde, talking about confrontation, destruction, power, and survival. This videogame style adventure became two-dimensional, divided into sections when one enters the gallery it is quickly taken into the storm. Attacked by radioactive skulls, laser ak 47s, computer glitches, code bugs and pixelized images but there is still there is hope, a hero is here; Megathesis.

To have an adventure, to escape the current chaos of the world and find shelter somewhere in art. In this world, where technics are mixed, where things might seem out of control you will become part of it and let go.

Isabelle Teran, Los Contemporaneos, le 12/12/2019